Gerry Scotti, have you ever seen his car? They all find it hard to believe

Gerry Scotti Italian presenter, has an incredible passion for cars, but never talks about them.

Gerry Scotti car
Gerry Scotti

Gerry is one of the most loved Italian conductors by adults and children, probably for his irony, for his always relaxed, calm and polite ways of doing things.

He allows us to relax in front of the TV, between a smile and a laughwithout ever being out of place or vulgar.

Gerry Scotti, the most loved and most reserved conductor in Italy

Conductor of Striscia la Notizia, Who wants to be a millionaire, The Money Drop, has been participating in for some years Tu Si que vales combining his irony with the inevitable irony of Maria De Filippi, Sabrina Ferilli and Rudy Zerbi.

She has always kept her private life well under wraps, as she is quite a private person. We know that he was married to Patrizia Grosso and that together they had Edoardo. Since 2011, her partner has been Gabriella Perino.

The famous TV host he recently became Virginia’s grandfather with whom she loves to go for a walk from time to time when she has free time to dedicate to her. In addition to her family and her profession, she has a passion for music.

We remember that he took his first steps in the radio worldworked as a disc jockey, then made the leap into TV arriving directly at Mediaset, from which he never left.


Uncle Gerry’s greatest passion, that’s what it is

Uncle Gerry Scotty has an important passion for motorcycles and for cars in particular sports cars, but not only. In a recent interview, Gerry Scotti declared that he had spent all his savings on cars and motorbikes, obviously leaving out the priority expenses that have to do with the house and the family.

He also stated that if he had the chance would buy one a month. As for his favorite car brand, Gerry has a soft spot for Porsche 911s. He bought his first car in ’87 and it was a Porsche 911 Carrera.

From then to today he has always remained faithful to the car manufacturer. His car is very expensive, worth 120,000 euros. The last one he tookhas had it for practically 10 years and takes care of it as if it were a child.

He cleans her, kisses her, hugs her but rarely comes out. For him it is as if she were an object of worship that she absolutely cannot give up. The model he conquered has always made his heart beat, loves the Carrera and wouldn’t replace it with any other.

Instead with regard to motorcycles loves Harley-Davidsons, land most famous motorcycles in the world.

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