MotoGP, Luca Marini talks about himself: here’s what was missing for the first podium

Luca Marini archives a growing MotoGP season. But something is still missing and it will be the first goal for 2023.

Luca Marini growing, but… – MotoriNews

Closed the season MotoGP 2022, it’s now time to take stock. Luca Marini closed its second year in the premier class, showing signs of growth riding the colorful Ducati Desmosedici VR46. It must be said that for a good part of the championship the feeling with the GP22 it really wasn’t the best. Since mid-season something has changed and here it is ascenteven if a note remains to be made, given that Marini failed to achieve something that instead the novice box mate has already taken. Something that needs to be fixed immediately in the next world year.

Marini: “Ducati, easy and powerful”

What certainly helps is having what has now become the available dream bike in MotoGP. And to think that until a few years ago nobody wanted it… Now Ducati is unbeatable, as demonstrated by the triple crown conquered in this 2022. The difficult thing is always to confirm, but it seems that the Red has taken the right way and don’t want to stop so soon. “The Ducati is the most competitive and fastest bike” he underlined Luca Marini in his end-of-season report. “It’s powerful and easy to drive. And from the start of the season to today, the leap forward is impressive: in the tests the situation was critical, from the middle of the season a huge gap.” A comment in line with the other seven guys in red present in MotoGP. It’s been a long time since Casey Stoner he managed to place his very nervous Desmosedici in front of everyone, not without great difficulty…

Something missing

Marini didn’t seem like it though on the ball at the beginning of the year, and then? “Between Le Mans and Mugello the situation is changed. We found a good basis in terms of settings and we have it exploited for the rest of the season.” Soon the results start to improve: it is almost always between first 10, indeed it begins to show itself close to the podium! Here, however, is the point: again failed to take the top 3 in MotoGP. “What went wrong? There are only three seats on the podium!” he answered Luca Marini with a laugh. To get more serious: “There is no real reason. We were among the fastest, but it’s not easy be one of those three. Sometimes we lacked luck, other times we lost something in qualifying.” Clear goal therefore for 2023, Marini wants to be the protagonist.

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