Tire exploded while driving, don’t panic, here’s what to do so as not to make the situation worse

A tire that explodes while driving is a real problem. A tire explosion can cause very serious consequences, which is why you need to be prepared to act if something similar happens.

tire blown while driving
Blown tyre, what to do? – motors.news

All of us have no idea how to behave if the tire suddenly bursts while traveling on the vehicle.

It may be useful to know that there are specific maneuvers to be taken, to solve the problem quickly, without causing others.

Why tire explosion occurs

Tire explosion is a dangerous occurrence. It can always happen to anyone in any season of the year, in the heat or in the cold, in the sun, in the rain or in the snow, nIt doesn’t depend on the temperature at all.

Decompensation is instantaneous whether it occurs on the front wheels or on the rear wheels. The first thing you usually do is get scared and panicked, because you have no idea how to fix it.

Meanwhile, it is important to specify that the explosion of the tire can be caused by several problems or poor maintenance, manufacturing defects of the wheel, overloading the vehicle, excessive wear of the wheels.

Then it could also be a problem with the inflation pressure of the wheels, they can be both too deflated than too swollen. In both cases there is a risk that the carcass deteriorates quickly, more than normal.

In general, the common cause of all bursting tires is the impact against an obstacle, which can be a stone, as well as a piece of glass, or a piece of metal.

Then we can state that the consequences vary according to the position of the tyre. If the front tire blows out, the car swerves according to which side the wheel is blown out. If the rear tire blows out, the car swerves in the opposite direction.


What to do if your tire blows out on the road

The first thing you need to do is to stay as calm as possible, hold the steering wheel well and maneuver the machine smoothly. Then, decelerate slowly, look at the rear-view mirrors, activate the four arrows to indicate a slowdown without braking suddenly.

Then stand aside and wait for help to arrive if you do not have a spare spare wheel. Obviously it doesn’t end there because once the wheel is fixed, then after putting on the right tire you have to keep the situation under control at all times.

This means that periodic maintenance is required, to avoid the same thing happening a second time. Therefore it is advisable to check the inflation pressure of the wheels, the tread and the condition of the tire especially if the wheel hits anything.

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