The car wash that saves you tons of fuel money, that’s all true: unbelievable

Keeping your car in excellent condition is essential both because it is the mirror of yourself and because buying it costs a lot of money, so washing it, caring for it and checking it periodically is the least that can be done.

The car wash that saves you a lot
The car wash that saves you a

The car is a status symbol, it was in the 70s, as well as in the 80s and perhaps still is today. Now buying a car is very simple compared to before, yesi can buy with cash, entire sum, or it can be financed. Everyone can open a loan, even young people as long as they have a job or a guarantor.

So much so that as soon as a young person obtains his driving licence, he immediately runs to buy a new car, even choosing to spend quite high sums without following a precise budget, but taking into account the personality and needs, working or not.

Washing your car is important to keep it in excellent condition, not just aesthetically

Buying a latest generation car, spending incredibly high sums means accepting the commitment to take care of it afterwards. The first thing to do is have your car washed once a week, not just for make it aesthetically beautiful but to preserve what is the appearance of the bodywork.

The more this is neglected, the more it gets ruined. For example, many regret if it rains after washing the car, generally they think they have wasted money, in reality one should still make a sacrifice or wash it again e.gBecause not only does the rain make the previous operation useless, but it also causes damage to the car that everyone underestimates.

When it rains, the air pollutants going on the car and they ruin it. The more the water stays in contact with the machine, the more the machine deteriorates. The feeling that washing your car frequently is just an aesthetic choice, a waste of time and money is incorrect from many points of view.

Because washing your car frequently saves fuel

In fact, not everyone knows that a clean car also allows you to consume less fuel, it seems absurd out of place but it’s not, because washing the car increases the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Mud, dirt, dust and whatever else make the passage of air much more difficult, so the vehicle moves and does so with more difficulty, consuming much more petrol than normal.

For all these reasons, it is therefore advisable to make an extra effort and therefore go to the car wash more frequently if it is not possible to wash the car at home, especially if you want to have a positive effect on the wallet.

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