Knock on the bonnet before starting the car, you could save a life with this gesture

Before starting the car we should all pay attention to a detail that is generally not really considered, but which could actually save a life and make a difference.

Bonnet –

When we leave the house we are often in a hurry, especially today we never have time to do anything, we leave with the minutes counted because life it’s getting more and more hectic.

Yet due to haste, anything can really happen, from car accidents to other equally unpleasant events that no one could ever expect. Losing just two minutes, hitting the bonnet of the car with your hand and then starting it if you don’t notice anything strange or particular, can save a life, or the life of a cat.

A gesture that can save a life in winter

As strange or absurd as it may seem, this is exactly how it works because in winter. just like humans, animals also need protection from the cold. So the dogs and cats that live on the street desperately seek shelter and they do it sometimes even in the most unthinkable places, like the engine of the car.

Once turned off, the vehicle releases heat, which attracts the attention and interest of homeless pets. The heat released by the car’s engine is certainly comforting and especially comfortable for cats who snuggle and shelter practically anywhere when it’s freezing cold outside.

Because it is a dangerous gesture that can put a life in jeopardy

It may seem like a tender, harmless, sweet and innocent gesture, actually for them it can even be a rather serious and serious danger. Cats are obviously not aware of the consequences they risk by slipping inside the bodywork of the car, for them the only thing that matters is finding a place to shelter and warm up.

On the other hand, they cannot think that someone suddenly, can start the car and drive off. A cat sleeping under the bonnet can insinuate itself between the steering wheel and the bodywork, and when the vehicle is turned on, remain trapped and die, or suffer serious injuries. That’s why when low temperatures arrive, we should all change our habits.

It would be better, FrBefore starting the engine, give a tap, wait a few seconds, listen to perhaps hear suspicious noises or meows and possibly turn on the vehicle. If you hear meows and therefore there should be a cat trapped inside the bonnet of the car, it is advisable to contact the fire brigade to save the life of the cat and not risk consequences of any kind.

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