Pay attention to this sign, there is nothing more dangerous on the street: everyone is wrong

There is a signal to which particular attention should be paid, which few really consider as they should.

Rail crossing
Level crossing –

Even before getting my driving licence study all road signs, when you’re driving many of these escape or create confusion.

They are all quite important obviously because they regulate road traffic, but there is one in particular that risks making us lose several points on the license simply for a matter of lightness and superficiality.

Sign indicating the level crossing, what happens in the absence of barriers

Obeying road rules and signs is essential both in order not to have problems with the law, and because otherwise you risk having problems relating to your own safety and that of others. The triangular danger signal depicting a passing train indicates a particularly dangerous situation, which should be paid a lot of attention especially for safety and health reasons.

It sometimes happens that you come across level crossings, or in the streets that cross with the railway and therefore with the passage of trains. In this case there are those who know how to behave and those who don’t. Which gets pretty dangerous.

The level crossing without barriers is present on mountain roads or on country roads, the one that has barriers does not endanger the motorist because as soon as the train is about to arrive, the barriers are lowered so it is no longer possible to cross the binaries. Since there are no barriers, the situation it gets complicated because it all depends on the driver. There are those who wait and try to figure out if and when it’s time to pass and those who pass regardless. You can only pass if you have the time to do it and you are busy crossing the level for a few seconds. Otherwise no. If, on the other hand, there is a sign indicating the Cross of Sant’Andrea, passing when you don’t have to risk severe penalties.

What do you risk if you don’t respect the signal

Anyone who does not respect the cartel risks getting a fine ranging from €87 to 344 euros, with the reduction of 6 points of the license. These six points then rise to 12 if the person driving is a novice driver.

Then there’s the recurrence aspect. Anyone who repeats the same mistake and therefore commits the same offense several times within a time frame of 2 years risks having their license suspended for a period of time ranging from 1 to 3 months. Knowing how to behave properly when you’re out on the street is essential if you don’t want to suffer serious consequences.

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