Fiat, if you have it in your garage, don’t sell it: in a few months it could be worth a fortune

In a 25-year career with 9 million units sold, it has always been developed in Italy and imagined, together with the Panda, as the greatest representative of FIAT. And you will soon be able to enjoy the advantages of a classic car.

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Obviously we all know the Fiat Punto. It sure was there pioneer of the FIAT brand in Italy, together with the Panda and the 500, long before the famous modern 500 was born. Produced in three main series since 1993, it has gone through various versions, including 3 and 5 doors in addition to the convertible, not to forget the Abarth.

In August 2018, after a brilliant 25-year career and beyond 9 million units sold, the latter has left the production hub. The thing is, when we look at the numbers, we come across something interesting. Next year, 2023, the first FIAT Puntos will turn 30 and will officially become historic cars.

Consequently, not only will they theoretically enjoy all the advantages, including economic ones, reserved for vintage cars, but also greater freedom of movement, even with the anti-pollution regulations in force. Let’s follow the story of first FIAT Punto seriesproduced between 1993 and 2000, from the beginning of the project to the last heir, and let’s find out what qualities the 30-year-old model should have for enrollment in the register of vehicles of historical interest.

The birth of the Fiat Punto

Turin, 1990. The Fiat Uno it’s almost 10 years old, times have changed and it’s starting to look like the typical boxy design of the 80s. It takes something revolutionary to replace all successful Uno designs, the turn of the new decade with smooth lines that characterize the 90s.

Fiat Punto GT
Fiat Punto GT –

Thus began the work for theProject 176“, its first name, then renamed with the name “Punto”. For urban use, the dimensions could be increased, but they shouldn’t be excessive, and the shape should guarantee maximum internal habitability. The task was then entrusted to Giorgio Giugiaro who had already signed the forms of the Uno.

The project started and reached the final version for the official presentation in 1993 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Wider, taller and longer of its progenitor: 1.62 meters wide, 1.45 meters high and 3.76 meters long.

With a design definitely a step forward compared to its competitors, with an absence of the front grille and the tailpipe. The tailgate is vertical to make the internal volumes more spacious and luggage increased to 275 litres.

In addition to petrol engines 1.1L, 1.3L and 1.6L, the diesel naturally aspirated and turbocharged, 1.7L 57 HP and 71 HP, HSD point with excellent safety accessories, Point Selecta with E-CVT automatic transmission and the sports version with 1.6L and a shortened close-ratio gearbox. And how can we forget the almost unknown open version of the Convertible point?

The 1100 was the first car equipped with a six-speed gearbox. He was called 55 6 Speed, with the sixth gear shorter than the fifth gear in the 5-speed version. That’s because they wanted to improve acceleration and recovery at top speed, not fuel consumption.

The Punto in ’95 had a huge success and it is in fact in that year that the Punto becomes thebest-selling car in Italyboth petrol and diesel, with 1.5 million cars produced in just one year and a half of its career.

Fiat Punto 75 Gainnini 3P
Fiat Punto 75 Gainnini 3P –

After a seven-year career, the first Punto series, with all its special editions, has given way to the new generation. Available in 2 versions, the first with a hidden grille and the second with a grille in the center of the headlights.

In 2004, with a similar name but with completely different proportions and shapes, the older sister, the FIAT Grande Punto. In 2012, however, the latest generation of the Punto arrives, which remained on sale until August 2018, when the assembly line closed definitively after 25 years.

But will it really be defined as a classic car?

In order to be defined as “vintage”ie in Italy understood as “having historical value”, it is said that: “Vintage cars must have been in production for at least 30 years before being registered in the ASI register, and historic cars must be at least 20 years old”.

fiat punto convertible
Fiat Punto Convertible –

But the fact is that seniority alone is not enough. In fact, every year the ACI prescribes which vehicles can be determined to be of historical significance. Usually this list is “transformed” into what can really be defined as “vintage” and includes all the necessary bonuses in terms of circulation, insurance and road tax. Also, the list usually includes only the rarest versions of a particular model and not the complete range.

According to what has been written so far, not all Puntos will be registered in the ASI register. But only 4 rare versions appear to be of historical interest: the Fiat Punto Energy Saving, the Fiat Punto GT Turbo, the Fiat Punto Cabrio and the Fiat Punto 75 Gainnini 3P.

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