Lucid Gravity SUV Launches in 2024 With Seven Seats, Supercar Speed

It was in the second half of 2020 when Lucid first mentioned an SUV. Now, we have a preview of the Lucid Gravity, the company’s long-awaited people mover that promises big power, ample reach, and three-row seating for seven.

With this as a preview, we have no details on how big that number will be. Lucid did offer a hint, saying the Gravity would have supercar levels of performance while boasting a longer range than any other EV available now, barring Lucid’s Air sedan. For comparison, the Lucid Air Grand Touring has an estimated EPA range of 516 miles at a cost. Currently, the Air Pure has the lowest EPA range of 410 miles. If Gravity were somewhere in between, it would easily outperform vehicles like the Tesla Model X, Audi Q8 E-Tron and others.

As for speed, Lucid will have a harder time standing out from the pack. The aforementioned Model X is offered in Checkered trim, capable of a 60 mph sprint and a quarter mile time among the world’s fastest production vehicles. The GMC Hummer EV in SUV trim will also have excellent performance, and even a non-acceleration-focused model like the Volvo EX90 will hit 60 mph in less than four seconds. Of course, Lucid lives on in another plane of existence with its fastest Air sedan, and there’s no reason to believe the automaker wouldn’t offer a Gravity trim with over 1,000 horsepower.

Lucid says the specifications and vehicle design are still being finalized, so the SUV featured in the image gallery above may change slightly before being properly revealed. We know the interior will be offered in five, six or seven seat configurations with two or three rows available. At the front, the latest generation glass cockpit will be packed with displays.

“Gravity builds on everything we’ve accomplished thus far, driving further advances from our in-house technologies to create a luxury performance SUV like no other,” said Lucid Group CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson. “Just as Lucid Air is redefining the sedan category, Gravity will also impact the world of luxury SUVs, setting entirely new benchmarks.”


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Detailed information about Lucid Gravity will be revealed in early 2023 when reservations open. Meanwhile, check Rambling About Cars a podcast of the latest automotive news mixed with witty insight and witty banter about potential competitor Gravity, available below.

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