Car review, now they look at this: if you are not up to date, you can walk back

Things could soon change also with regard to the car overhaul, this is because apparently the European Commission is working to change the rules that are no longer good.

Car review
Car review

It is a real revolution that will change the modalities, the frequency review and requirements.

Italian law, at least until now, makes revision an obligation. All motorists must carry out it on a new car within four years of registration, then every 2 years.

Here’s what’s going to change on car review

The outcome of the review, obviously it depends on the wear of the car components, the more you use it the more the components wear out, logically this is how it goes. It would seem that everything is already quite under control, but apparently for the commission this is not the case because there are some rules that are not clear or not very useful, not respected.

The clear evidence is the annual accidents that they are even growing and often have to deal with cars in poor condition. This is why the European Union is intervening by putting forward proposals that aim to adapt the rules to the technology on board cars, to ensure that the obligations are increasingly stringent. This is the theory, but now let’s move on to the practice and try to understand what will actually change for motorists.

From 2023 new rules for all new and old cars

Everyone who owns and drives a car will have to adapt to the changes it makes will arrive starting in 2023. These will concern the driving assistance system and vehicle emissions which must be less and less, therefore less and less polluting.

As for the driver assistance system, if it does not work properly, so if it is not really efficient, it can also cause serious accidents. That is why tests for all technologies will be introduced. Action will also be taken to avoid alterations to the odometer, which is useful in the context of used car sales.

Then any of them will have to be changed document concerning the review and in general the middle. So everything that has been paper up until now will become digital. This is totally in favor of motorists who will no longer have to be afraid of scams of any kind, than of the authorities who will lose much less time during checks.

Then there will be adjustments on the frequency of the revision, which at least for now have not been specified. Most likely, specific tests will be introduced for lighting systems and checks on suspensionson the pollution of the vehicle’s coolants and much more.

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