Driving license, these are no longer in order: be careful if you don’t want to get screwed

The driving license is not always in order as it is believed. This news is certainly not the best but it is good to be informed to avoid disasters.

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Following a simple check, anything can happen if the police should find inaccuracies in the driving license.

To find out if your driving license is in order, simply contact the right body and ask for all the information. This way you can find out if the driving license is in order, if you have to be afraid when driving on the streets, if you are at risk of fines or if you can drive safely without even risking the seizure of the car.

Driving license here is what happens if and when it is not in order


The driving license, whether it is AM, B or special for example the D1 which enables the driving of heavy vehicles, complicated to drive for example in the city, allows the police to verify that all drivers are really able to drive a car both from a legislative and a physical point of view. But it is also useful for drivers, because it allows you to undertake an exam to understand whether you are able or not, without committing damage by circulating on the road without perhaps knowing the rules.

Obtaining a driving license is sometimes easy, child’s play, other times it’s a drama. In fact, there are people who face failures after failures in the exam, both in theory and in practice. Yet it works like this, to have a driving license, whatever it is, you must first face the theoretical exam and then the practical one. After obtaining it, you have to be very careful to avoid getting it suspended.

Article 126 bis of the Highway Code deals with the point-based driving license. Whoever gets a driving license starts his career with twenty points. Then every two years without infringing him he gets two points up to reaching a maximum of thirty. Infringements cause the loss of points, if it reaches zero, the driver remains without a license.

The Police are always updated on the drivers’ license points balance, in a few seconds they can know all the most important information. But how does the owner of the license know if he is in order? It is enough to make a small infraction, for example to pass while the red is taking, for see points deducted. Circulating without knowing the balance can also be a problem.

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How to know the driving license points balance

To find out the points balance, you can simply access the portals designated by the Ministry of Transport, then consult the page relating to your driving license. Alternatively you can call the toll-free number of the ICA, the Italian Automobile Club, 848.782.782 always active and ask for all the information about it using the keys.

A recorded voice asks you to enter your driver’s license data, so you can know how many points are left. Otherwise you can download the iPatente app on your mobile. And there you have it.

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