Car, if you have these you are not in accordance with the law: the fine is a blow

Soon the deadline imposed for the modifications to be made in the cars will expire. Respecting the law means not risking a more than high fine for a “trivial” mistake.

summer tires
They are checking who is fitting these tires –

Not everyone knows if their car is in compliance with the law, you cannot be sure why there are really too many things to keep an eye on and to be checked daily. The law is constantly changing, making it difficult to follow suit. That’s why getting informed is always important.

Probably the following information will help most and will dispel several doubts about it. Winter is coming and along with this season also the deadline for changing the wheels of the cars. Those who do not have them yet must rush to replace them in compliance with the law.

What is changing and how to adapt the cars to avoid the risk of getting high fines

As far as winter may seem, it really isn’t. Sooner or later it will come, so being caught unprepared is not the best. Readers who live in the north already know what we are talking about because they have probably already run for cover for days. While those in the south that they are not used to bad weather or snow, to ice and therefore to low temperatures, they will be poorly informed or uninformed.

Starting from November 15th, all cars will have to be equipped with winter tires to be able to face the whole season until April. The law covers all of Italy, both the North and the South, even the areas that are usually not affected by particular meteorological phenomena such as snow. Those who do not want to buy snow tires can also buy all-season tires that can be used all year round without any problems. Alternatively they can be held in the trunk chains that can be useful in particular difficult situations.

winter tires
winter tires –

What is the difference between normal tires and snow tires

The difference between normal tires and snow tires is that the latter have greater grip on any terrain, even on slippery ones. Being caught unprepared means running the risk of accidents if the road should be slippery or dangerous, as well as risking a hefty fine.

The fine ranges from € 41 to € 168 if driving on urban roads without chains or with the wrong tires or from € 84 to € 355 on suburban roads. In addition, you risk the loss of license points. The number of points is not the same for everyone, but can vary according to the relapse, for example new drivers risk losing more points.

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