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Telepass is a constantly changing and expanding service, on the other hand just like the automotive market that never stops. Over the last few years, many things have changed for motorists, those who are in step with the times are certainly informed, the others are not. Yet knowing the news could make life easier.

Free Telepass
Free Telepass –

Today, motorists move more easily and more frequently both for travel and for work. Many also do it simply to unplug and relax over the weekend, although expensive fuel has made everything much more difficult and expensive. Reason why most of the users over the past few months is switched to electric cars ecological and economic.

But be careful because those who want to save while traveling he cannot limit himself to just buying a nice electric car to halve the costs, it must also think about other types of expenses such as the motorway toll.

Especially those who for work reasons are forced to travel a lot, is good for activate the telepass which not only halves costs but also times.

What is telepass and how the new promotion is more than convenient

Telepass SPA is a company born about 14 years ago, it is considered a reference point for tolls and offers many services designed for individuals and companies. The telepass Pay, was born in 2016, since then those who request the service receive the Telepass device at home through which it is possible to automatically pay the toll with an activation cost of € 10 and the monthly fee of € 3.

The service can be used not only in the motorway toll booths, but also in the affiliated car parks, in the Milan Area C and on the Messina Strait Ferry. In these weeks, however, it is possible to take advantage of a very interesting promotion that allows you to pay neither the fee nor the cost of the device itself for 2 years.

Telepass Pay has launched an unmissable offer thanks to which you can have the fee for free for two years and also request 40% cashback on tolls paid in the period between December and January. To take advantage of these benefits, the offer must be activated by Monday 31 October.

Telepass –

How to activate the Telepass Pay promotion

This new promotion is called Telepass Pay and can be canceled at any time without restrictions. Those who are interested can proceed with the activation of the Telepass Pay X service directly online.

It only takes a few minutes. The Telepass site is accessedAlternatively, you can also download the Telepass Pay X app which is available for both Android and iOS devices and follow the instructions.


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