MotoGP, Marc Marquez raises the alarm: “We are late”

The Sepang circuit highlights the technical problems of the Honda RC-V. Marc Marquez asks to speed up the times on the 2023 prototype.

Marc Marquez (LaPresse)
Marc Marquez – Motori.News

On the eve of the Malaysian GP, ​​many did not believe him when he set the top 10 goal, instead it was to be believed in Marc Marquez, despite that front row at the end of qualifying gave hope for a better result. But the Sepang circuit hardly adapts to my driving style and, above all, highlights all the technical problems of the Honda RC213V.

At the end of the twenty laps he closes in seventh place, after having battled with his future box mate Joan Mir and with the other Suzuki rider, Alex Rinswhich from 2023 will wear the livery of the LCR Honda. 14 seconds he accuses from the winner Pecco Bagnaia, too wide a gap that highlights how the engineers of the Golden Wing will have to make decisive changes during the winter to the Honda prototype, in view of the next season, which will also be decisive for the possible renewal of Marc Marquez’s contract.

Marquez in Valencia for the honor and… 2023

Marc Marquez (Ansa)
Marc Marquez – Motori.News

In Valencia there will be a day of official tests after the last race, it will be a great opportunity to test the latest HRC news. In the Misano test the Japanese manufacturer did not seem in line with the evolutionary lines of the opponents. To Dazn’s microphones she sends a clear message to his factory. “Normally everyone brings next year’s bike to the Misano test. We are late and Honda knows it. So far we haven’t been able to test the new bike yet and I don’t know if we’ll try it in Valencia. If they have something new, it will obviously be very useful“.

For some time, Marc Marquez has emphasized that it is necessary to intervene on all the technical areas of the RC213V. There is no feeling with the front and on some tracks the tire degradation is more consistent than normal. “We lacked grip and speed, and when you are in such a situation you obviously have problems. I can go fast in one lap, but race distance is another thing“.

The positive note comes from his physical condition, a clear improvement almost five months after the fourth surgery on his right arm. “This is the circuit where I have suffered the most, even more than in Japan, it is one of the circuits that requires more strength. The arm, however, was not a limit, the limit was elsewhere“. In the Valencia GP will try to close this sui generis 2022 in the best possible way, with the aim of giving at least one victory to the Honda in this championship to be archived as soon as possible.

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