450-Car Collection Featuring Bugattis, Ferrari, and Pontiac Solstice

There is no shortage of impressive car collections out there. Museums, automakers and citizens have their own. However, some of the collections may be as special as those at the Audrain Auto Museum in Rhode Island. The collection boasts over 450 cars, all of which are well maintained, registered and ready to drive.

The museum spreads the collection through several locations, including warehouses and off-site buildings. These locations are normally closed to visitors, but Shmee150 got a chance to see the entire collection in a 23 minute video that only scratched the surface of all the cool cars.

The Audrain collection should please almost any car enthusiast because there isn’t much to miss. Pre-war vintage cars are a far cry from modern engines like the latest-generation Ram TRX and Ford GT. It boasts at least three Bugatti, several Mercedes models, and countless Porsches, but the collection also includes iconic muscle cars, many Corvettes, including split-window examples, and even steam-powered cars.

The video also showcases the museum, showcasing brands and models from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. Current exhibits include the 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata, 1988 Ford Mustang Convertible, 1992 Nissan Skyline GT-R, and 1993 Acura NSX. There is also the Toyota Supra, Subaru WRX STI, and Saab 900 Turbo SE Convertible.

The collection features many Ferraris and Lamborghinis, including the rare Black Ferrari Enzo and the original Lamborghini Aventador LP-700. The video is an endless parade of precious metals, with some of the rarest supercars and performance models ever made. Many Mercedes models wear the Black Series badge, for example, but not all luxury cars. This museum has a black Pontiac Solstice.

It’s one thing to have a large collection, but another to keep things up and running. The cars cover the entirety of automotive history, from the early 1900s to the latest makes and models. The museum was founded in 2014 to preserve, celebrate and share automotive history. The collection also features many motorcycles, which catalog the world’s adventures on wheels. The museum has exhibitions throughout the year highlighting various aspects of the automotive industry around the world.

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