2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate Spying Up Close With Sharp Detail

We’ve seen many prototypes of the next-generation Mercedes E-Class over the past year or so, but the long roof is a new addition to the fleet. This marked our third sighting, and while the car was still draped in camouflage, our spy team managed to capture some incredibly detailed photos. This is our best view so far of the long roof in action.

And what do we see? Usually, we pay attention to the front of the test vehicle, but this time we are drawing your attention to the rear. The taillights will extend into the hatch on an elevated section, with the glass looking more slanted than before. It’s not as extreme as you might find in a coupe-style vehicle, but it looks like Mercedes-Benz is aiming for some extra aggression with its next wagon.

On the front, everything is very similar to the E-Class sedan test vehicles we’ve seen. Compared to the current model, the grille will grow slightly while the headlights shrink, as is the trend of most automakers today. There will still be a clear separation between the upper and lower openings in the fascia, with prominent vents placed at both corners. Along the sides, we see some odd angles under the wrapper but it’s likely a fake panel. We expect an evolutionary update to the E-Class, which means smooth surfaces with elegantly curved belt lines.

We were also lucky to get a glimpse of the interior of the new E-Class, albeit briefly. As you might expect, the digital display dominates the dashboard, and we suspect a lot of the technology from the current S-Class will be on offer here. Our spy sources tell us there will be an option to change the display, catering to those who prefer a smaller layout as well as buyers who want the full OLED experience.

While the EQE gets its own EV platform, the new E-Class will sport an MRA2 chassis with a mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain. That could include an insane 671-horsepower Mercedes-AMG E63 estate, though nothing has been confirmed on that front.

Currently, we expect full disclosure to be made in the first half of 2023, debuting as a model year 2024. In the meantime, check out the latest automotive gossip at Chatting About Cars podcast, available below.

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