Amazon updates its echo with its second version: here are all the new features

Amazon presented, last week, its new Echo Auto 2 thanks to which the voice assistant Alexa also arrives on board the older cars that now have a way to become smart.

Amazon and its new product
Amazon and its new product

The arrival of the Echo Auto in Italy thanks to Amazon took place more than two years ago. This device brings the Alexa voice assistant aboard all vehicles with many peculiar and super functions.

A few hours ago Amazon presented the second generation device, Amazon Echo Auto 2, ready to change everyone’s life with great news, super interesting.

Here are all the news of the Amazon Echo Auto 2

It starts with the design of Amazon Echo Auto 2, totally different from the previous model. The “cassette” forms are only part of the past. Now the device is modern and refined, much smaller and therefore less bulky. As for the fabric covering it is certainly more pleasant, the device appears much more refined. The adhesive support, on the other hand, allows you to place it a bit where you want it in any part of the car.

The strong point is the microphones, they are 5 rather than 8, but they detect the user’s voice very well, even when music playback is active or when there are various noises.

The connection to the car and to the other devices remain unchanged, so no news to report. As for the USB cable, it can be used to power Amazon Echo Auto. In this way the device is paired with both the phone via Bluetooth and the car as well as with a 3.5 mm audio cable.

What can be done with the new Amazon device

The device helps make old cars “smart”, which they don’t have built-in voice assistants. It is installed in seconds, once done you can use it to listen to a podcast, or a song, the latest news of the day, call, send messages, set reminders, turn off lights where there is obviously compatibility.

In short, all the functions we already know, so you might think that there is no news coming. But no, the novelty is there and it is also decisive. The new device integrates a dedicated roadside assistance service. You just need to say “Alexa, call roadside assistance”, at this point an agent will propose the most suitable service.

For the moment, the list cost in America is around $ 54.99. In Italy the new Alexa device long awaited by lovers of cars and technology, could arrive within the next few months, the cost could be 59.99 euros. The figure is practically identical to that of the old device.

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