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When there is bad weather you are forced to go out with the car, it is comfortable, yet many are afraid to do so because you easily lose control of the vehicle compared to when the weather conditions are good.

Bad weather
Bad weather – Motori.News

In fact, with bad weather the road becomes slippery, there are many more unexpected events, so much so that according to statistics there are more than 1,200.00 road accidents caused by rain, snow, sleet and fog.

Following the bad weather driving becomes much more dangerous and difficultso you have to pay more attention to everything.

Bad weather, how to behave to avoid accidents

For instance, when driving in fog, the windows should be fully rolled down, because in this way you have the opportunity to look out without missing anything, having a better view. Then it is important to turn on the low beams and not the high beams as we usually do, because they give us the impression of having a clearer and cleaner vision.

Actually the light from the high beams is wrong because it reflects in the fog particles and confuses. When you are traveling on a particularly slippery road, on the other hand, you have to pay attention to when you go up and down bridges, because sand and salt come off, so cars they are more exposed to danger and they can slide more easily.

Then another common mistake is using the rear fog lights. According to a large British insurance company, these should not be used in bad weather, as they mask the car’s brake light and confuse those behind.


Small details to watch out for while driving

Another tip has to do with puddles. When there is one right in front of it, it is advisable to stop and go slowly, to understand what its depth of the puddle is. This serves not only to limit the damage to your vehicle, but also to the vehicles behind which, having no clear view, could suddenly find themselves in a situation of great discomfort.

In the presence of heavy rain, however, it must be borne in mind that the rain that goes on the windshield it can also cause accidents, because it reflects the light of the headlights. It can even create a particularly dangerous reflective screen. That is why the headlights should be adjusted so that they do not reflect light in the rain.

Finally, in the event of a sandstorm, it is best to leave the road to make sure you reach your destination safely park the car with the headlights off. This is because other cars on the way, seeing the headlights on, may think of moving traffic as they collide.

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