NEVER park near these vans, the risk is too high: what happens

Today you have to be careful about practically everything, because scam and deception are always around the corner, even when you least expect it.

Do not park near vans
Do not park near vans – Motori.News

We talk about envelopes left, you don’t know how in the car, on the passenger seatwith the car closed, of objects thrown on the cars to simulate accidents in such a way as to seek compensation for non-existent damages.

Then we talk about bottles of water stuck between wheel and wheel arch. This trick is chosen to distract the driver and in the meantime steal his car, it works and is not the only one to give excellent results.

How scammers have evolved over time

Over the years criminals and scammers did they are evolved, specialized and therefore they have found increasingly sophisticated methods which are difficult to escape.

As for the method of the plastic bottle stuck between the wheel and wheel arch, this is certainly the most used method, because it generally works and allows you to take home a real loot in a few minutes. The scammer chooses his car, then place an empty plastic bottle between the wheel and wheel arch iin such a way as to cause a loud noise as soon as the driver starts the car and moves slowly.

The driver misled, as soon as he hears the noise of the plastic stops to check what is happening. Generally, thinking he will lose a few minutes, he gets out of the car and it even leaves the engine running. At this moment the hidden thug comes out and goes away with his vehicle, totally losing track.

It does not end here and it does not end like this, this is just one of the many scammers’ ideas studied over the years. A mistake that all of us have made at least once in our life is park the vehicle near a van or even a truck.

Parking behind a van is wrong, that’s why

When there are no parking spaces on the other hand we are able to be satisfied of any place without thinking about what could happen and considering the fact that this could also be a completely wrong choice.

A truck or a van in facti totally obstruct the view, consequently anyone can do what they want on the car being hidden, without attracting attention but above all without being noticed by its owner. This is why if it is possible it is best to park in open areas, where the car can be kept under control minute by minute, especially when going to big cities.

Even if you have to go away for a few minutes, leave the car far away and impossible to reach with your eyes, it could be an invitation to all scammers, malicious criminals, to act.

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