2023 Mazda CX-60 Spied With Quad But Fake Exhaust


Mazda has done a good job of keeping the CX-60 a secret as this is only the second time the new SUV has been spotted. Caught undergoing final testing in Germany, the automaker’s first PHEV has a production body hiding under relatively thin camouflage. It looks like the company Zoom-Zoom isn’t going to falter when it comes to design, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Mazda makes some of the prettiest SUVs in the game, and it looks like the CX-60 will make a handsome family carrier too. However, it could have been more interesting without the awful faux exhaust liner on the rear. Adding insult to injury, what is on the driver’s side is bait in the sense that there are no exhaust tips in the area. The original is on the right side but tucked under that finisher. We’ve seen similar exhaust setups before (we’re looking at you, Audi S6 diesel).

Although it looks familiar, the CX-60 is completely different under the skin. It rides on a newly developed rear-wheel drive platform engineered with a longitudinal engine. Logic tells us that we are looking at a PHEV since an electrified version has been confirmed with over 300 horsepower. It makes sense to give the most powerful model a quad exhaust setup – even if that’s deceiving.

OK, but where is the charging port? We could only see the right side of the vehicle and there was no fuel cap. The petrol one is probably on the left as is the case with the Mazda ICE-only. Some plug-in hybrids, like those from Mercedes, have a charging port on the rear bumper, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

That means it’s on the front left fender or on the grille. We ruled out the first scenario because the camo-free prototype seen in November 2021 doesn’t have it there. That would leave the grille where Mazda would hide the charging port, much like the Genesis with the Electrified GV70. However, we do not rule out the CX-60 is only powered by a gasoline engine.

A member of the “Big Product Group” announced in October 2021, the CX-60 will have a wider partner in the United States as the CX-70. Mazda is also working on a larger three-row CX-80 for Europe, which will also be fattened for North America where it will be sold as the CX-90. Apart from the SUV onslaught, several other models are expected to transition to RWD, including the next Mazda6.

Mazda CX-60 spy photo 2023
Mazda CX-60 spy photo 2023

In some parts of the world where diesel engines are still relevant, a new wave of SUVs will be offered as plug-in hybrids based around the SkyActiv-D inline-six. The mild hybrid four-cylinder powertrain will be joined by the four-pot PHEV. In fact, the CX-60 will use a 2.5-liter gasoline engine with four cylinders and an electric motor to produce more than 300 hp.

Part of Mazda’s plans to electrify its lineup is also the rotary engine that expands the range for the MX-30. The small electric crossover is already offered in certain countries as a mild hybrid model with a 2.0-liter petrol engine.

Meanwhile, the CX-60 will debut on March 8 and go on sale later this year in Europe.


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