Do you have an annoying crack on your windshield and don’t know how to remove it? Only then do you resolve instantly

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Imagine buying a new car and finding an annoying crack or scratch right on the windshield – there is nothing uglier than this.

Crack in the window
crack on the windshield –

Anything that is transparent, be it the windscreena window, a window pane or just one mirrorif it is scratched or cracked it bothers the eye, it is a vision that causes nervousness.

A freshly installed glass is crystal clear, certainly beautiful to look at because it appears shiny. Having a clear view of the road and other cars is priceless. Unfortunately, however, all this it lasts very little because after some time the windshield, which is exposed day and night to a thousand adverse situations, is ruined.

Cracks in the windshield, this is no longer a problem

By absurditythe windshield glass is super strong, because it was designed and built to respond positively to impacts, thus protecting those traveling inside the passenger compartment. In fact, that’s just how it goes. It does not shatter easily, but it takes very little for form a small crack or a minimal scratch.

Removing the scratch or cracks from the windshield is not impossible and you don’t necessarily have to go to a professional to do it. Sometimes you can also do it yourself with a product that we all have at home, especially women. It is the nail polish that quietly takes the place of professional products.

Of course, transparent nail polish is used and very little is needed. It must not drip all over the place, just apply a very thin layer only on the scratch and then let the product dry. Finally, using a clean cloth soaked in the solvent you go to remove any excess and that’s it, the cracks or scratches will be completely gone.

Toothpaste instead of nail polish, a practical solution, within everyone’s reach

Alternatively, toothpaste can be used, which can only remove very small scratches. In particular for the repair of the windshield is recommended the sodium bicarbonate nail polish that it is certainly the most effective.

It is applied with a soft clean cloth, a very small amount of product is rubbed on the area to be treated with circular movements and then let it act for 30 seconds. Finally, the excess is removed. If there are some small cracks or scratches left, apply more toothpaste in more solutions, finally polish the area with a dry cloth and here the problem will be solved once.