Next-Gen Ford Mustang Convertible Spied For First Time


Just a day after seeing some new spy photos of the next-generation Ford Mustang coupe, here’s our first look at the future version of the Mustang Convertible. Although at first glance it looks similar to the development vehicle in the previous photo, the main difference is seen by looking at the camouflage on the roof.

Where another example has a polka dot wrap on the front of the roof and on the A pillar, this one has black fabric all over the top. There’s also a visible transition to the material at the point where the convertible attaches to the top of the windshield. The lack of heavy framing for the B-pillar is another bit of evidence that we’re looking at the droptop in this image.

This development vehicle uses different wheels than the previous one. The design features an angular display with widely spaced Y-shaped spokes. Our spies include comparisons with similar looks to the pieces on the 19-inch wheels from the High Performance Package for the 2.3-liter Mustang.

Like the next-generation Mustang in the last spy shot series, this one has a pair of brake calipers on the rear wheels. Current speculation is that this setting is part of the performance pack options.

Previous spy videos offered a chance to hear the new Mustang (embedded below). The clip makes it sound like the V8 is under the hood. There are rumors of Ford introducing a hybrid-assisted V8 with an electric motor turning the front wheels. If this model were to happen, it would also be the first all-wheel-drive Mustang. The four-cylinder EcoBoost will probably still be the entry-level engine.

The currently available info suggests that the next generation Mustang is arriving for the 2024 model year. We anticipate an unveiling in 2023.


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