What do these numbers on the car’s tires mean? You will never believe it

Probably the most attentive will have noticed at least once in their life that there are numbers and acronyms on the car tires. Certainly women will never have noticed it.

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Car enthusiasts already know what the numbers and abbreviations on car tires correspond to. However, there are those who do not know yet and today he will discover something new and certainly interesting too.

On the market there are different types of car tires among which each user can choose by evaluating based on prices and features. Not all tires are the same, there are some particularly suitable for cold areas, where it snows and others specific for less problematic areas. These allow you to spend much less and still travel in peace.

What do the numbers and letters on car tires mean

In the shoulder of the tire there are the specific measures that must be provided to the tire dealer to find the car tires suitable for your car. Reference is made to the following numbers and following letters found on the shoulder of an eraser any car: 225/55 R17 97w.

225 indicates the width of the tire, 55 indicates the height of the sidewall, then there is 17 which instead represents the size of the rim, 97 is the load that a tire supports when deflated. Then there is also the letter W., which indicates the speed that a tire can reach without taking particular risks. The lowest value is indicated by the letter A, while the highest value is indicated by the letter Y.

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What information is good to know and evaluate for the purchase of new car tires

Before proceeding with the purchase of tires you should always check the date of production of the tires and know all the information about the product. In this case it is necessary to read the abbreviation dot, which also indicates the plant where the rubber was produced, then the measurements, the identifier of who built the rubber and then to conclude the production date of the same, which is indicated with the last four digits.

On all European labels all information on environmental aspects is provided and on the grip of the rubber in the wet by referring to the rolling resistance and noise level of the product in question. All these indications are fundamental, if you think about the fact that tires are the only point of contact between the car and the road. The choice and purchase of car tires is something that requires careful consideration. It is not a decision that can be made on the spot and with little attention.

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