Sock full of salt on the dashboard of the car, the ingenious trick that will save your life

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There are several tricks to put in place to improve comfort and your car experience. But what we offer you today is truly brilliant! What is it about? Here are all the details on the salt-filled sock method to put inside your car! What can it be used for?

sock on the dashboard
sock on the dashboard – Motori.News

Every day we always ask ourselves how to solve small problems once we get in the car. It can happenindeed, to have a driving experience ‘ruined’ by something in particular. In the summer season, for example, the suffocating heat can make us regret having chosen the car as a means of transport! But there are several times that we are seized by discomfort inside the machine. Today we see how to solve a problem with a completely innovative and surprising method!

One of the least ‘appreciated’ experiences by motorists concerns the one involving fogged windows while driving the vehicle. Discomfort is more frequent in the winter months, but it can sometimes occur in summer as well. Why do the windows fog up?

During the cold months, this phenomenon is caused by the warmer and more humid air inside that comes into contact with the cold windshield. In the hot months, on the other hand, it is often the very hot outside air that comes into contact with the cooler glass of your car! Practically, the meeting of two different temperatures generates fogging of the glass!

How can this be resolved? Below, we’ll look at the salt-filled sock method to place on the dashboard! A trick as unusual as it is efficient!

The sock trick to place inside your car: its purpose will surprise you!

The trick we propose today is really unusual, since it consists in placing an apparently useless object on the dashboard of your car. In reality, however, this is not the case. We refer to a normal sock, which you usually wear to keep your feet warm! What is it about? What can be used to put a sock inside your car?

Fogged glass
Fogged glass – Motori.News

If you want to prevent the windows and windshield from misting up once you get in the car, the method of the sock full of salt can be there really very helpful. But what does it consist of? What is there to know about it? Here is the incredible solution to no longer have the discomfort of fogged windows while driving your vehicle!

Cleaning fogged windows can take a long time and cause inconvenience. But the sock trick comes in handy! You can, in fact, fill the sock with salt or with silica cat litter and leave it on the dashboard of your car overnight. In the morning you won’t have to deal with fogged windows! How is it possible?

Dashboard sock
The method of the sock full of salt or cat litter on the dashboard of your car: that’s what it’s for – Motori.News

The silica cat litter inside the sock will be able to absorb moisture inside your car. This way, the windows and windshield of the car will be completely misted in the morning. In addition, they will prevent them from fogging up while driving. A practical, innovative and absolutely economical solution! On the market, however, it will also be possible to buy specific sprays to avoid fogging!