“All three of us want the title, then there’s Enea …”

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The world champion Fabio Quartararo restarts his race for the World Championship from Motegi: with five races to go, the advantage is almost zero.

Fabio Quartararo (Ansa)
Fabio Quartararo – Motori.News

Fabio Quartararo has to start from Motegi to defend the world title MotoGP. He has 10 points ahead of Pecco Bagnaia, nothing with five races from the end in which anything can happen. There is no other way than to aim for victory, but it will not be easy on a track where data has not been collected since 2019 and the weather could play a not secondary role.

The zero collected in Aragon weighs on the morale of the French champion. He reported abrasions from opening his suit in the fall in which he also suffered a blow from the front wheel of hers Yamaha M1. “Fortunately, it’s just abrasions. It’s a bit painful but I think it won’t be a big deal on the bike“, Quartararo explains at the press conference. “They are first degree burns but I don’t think they will be a problem“.

The final challenge for the title

Fabio Quartararo (LaPresse)
Fabio Quartararo – Motori.News

The circuit of Motegi he shouldn’t be very supportive of the M1 due to the stop and go sections, but in Austria (2nd at the finish) he showed that it might not be a problem. “In the end, we are competitive on every circuit. Sure, there were also some circumstances where we struggled to overtake, but I think this circuit is pretty good because I’ve been fast here in the past and can’t wait to get back“.

The first three drivers are collected in 17 points, Enea Bastianini it is 48 lengths and is more detached. It will be a heart-pounding championship final, making predictions is difficult, even if at this stage Ducati Desmosedici GP seems to have a plus. “In the end, what can we do? I think all three, and I would add Enea too, want the title. Having only 17 points between the three of us will give us the maximum, and in the end I think it’s good“.

Here the holeshot devices could make the difference, but in wet conditions the advantage would be zero. The approach to competitions does not change for Fabio Quartararo and a lot will depend on the weight that the technical delays will have in the circumstances that will arise in the next rounds. “I will give my 100% in the last five races. But I was already giving my 100% before, so in terms of driving I don’t think anything will change“.

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