Marc Marquez, the sword defense of Takaaki Nakagami

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Takaaki Nakagami in Motegi with a bad hand. But he responds to the accusations against Marc Marquez: “It was a race accident.”

marquez-nakagami-motogp-honda-socialTakaaki Nakagami in defense of Marc Marquez – MotoriNews

MotoGP towards the appointment a Motegi. A return to Japan for the first time since 2019, as the pandemic has forced Dorna to cancel the last two editions. A great opportunity for all kids of the house present in the MotoGP World Championship, between those who will race there for the first time and those who instead welcomes their ‘family’ round with emotion. In the premier class though Takaaki Nakagami will have to grit his teeth, given the bang of which he was innocent protagonist a few days ago. Indeed, he has strong doubts about his GP … But he is keen to defend Marc Marquezwhich started the scary carom in Aragon.

Problems in hand

This was certainly not how Takaaki Nakagami wanted to arrive at his exciting home GP. For the first time he sees Motegi again, there is also a celebratory helmet with a Japanese-style autumn coloring. The problem is to understand if he will really be able to compete in the 16th round of the 2022 season. We have to go back to the event a few days ago at MotorLand Aragon to find the cause. After the bang with Quartararo, in fact, Marc Marquez he found a piece of the M1 stuck in his Honda. During the race he hadn’t noticed it and the height device, with the piece in the middle, blocked his bike. So here is that Marquez loses control and hits the innocent Nakagami on his left. The heavy fall on the asphalt could have very serious consequences, since he crashed right in the middle to the pilots in transit! But he reported abrasions and tendon injuries of two fingers of his right hand, for which he was operated on Monday. Too little time…

“Never blamed Marquez”

However, Takaaki Nakagami will start his GP normally. “I got theeligibility for the first free practice “ he pointed out. “After the shift we will do other checks and evaluate the situation.” He clearly admits though that his hand is badly taken and that a tough GP awaits him, always precisely if he manages to complete it. Ironically, this is where Honda brought him the new KALEX swingarman important novelty already tested by Marc Marquez. “I don’t think it’s useful” commented bitterly Nakagami. But he is especially keen to defend his colleague. “We were lucky, but I haven’t never blamed Marc nor have I ever been angry with him. It was a racing accident “ he pointed out. Water on the fire after the onslaught of the haters (not fans but fanaticsas his brother Alex Marquez defined them) against # 93.

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