Telepass, NEVER put it on this point: you pay 2 times

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All those who travel daily, for work reasons, have a telepass. It is a sort of pass, to be placed in the car in such a way as to pay automatically when passing through the toll booths on the motorway without wasting time.

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Not everyone knows, however, that it must be positioned correctly so as not to encounter problems of any kind.

First of all, it is necessary to know that although everyone nowadays makes use of the telepass and whoever knows it, there are information and clarifications that they can change your life and that few know.

Fundamental Telepass for travelers, here’s how it works

Over the last few years, the use of telepass has spread to Italy. Before it only served to pay the toll on the highway, today it allows you to pay for area C of Milan and many other services including parking. The telepass is very convenient, it allows you to skip the queue once you arrive at the motorway toll booth, taking advantage of a much faster and more comfortable dedicated passage.

Anyone who has never seen it must know that it is only one little box which is positioned directly in the car and is able to communicate with the motorway toll booth despite the distance. When the car has to pass, it slowly approaches, the telepass recognizes the system. At that moment, it allows the barrier to rise going to register the passage and to debit the payment directly on the card.

This only happens when the telepass is placed in the correct way inside the car.

Where is it better to place the telepass and what mistakes we make

It is recommended to place it on the back of the rearview mirror, right in the center, referring to the black dots. This position is the safest, because guarantees direct exposure to sensors, therefore it allows the telepass to communicate with the toll booth without any problem or obstacle.

In many cars the telepass is placed in points considered exclusive because the new cars are already prepared. You should know that it is better to avoid putting it on the lower part of the windshield, as well as in the dashboard, or positioned next to the air vents, or worse still, keep it in your hand, having another telepass nearby. In the latter case it can happen that a different telepass go to interfere not allowing the bar to rise or to do so even more than once by paying double or triple.

Then there are some cars that have their own space dedicated to telepass. Obviously, if your car is equipped with a screened windshield that can accommodate the telepass, that’s where it should be placed. This while paying attention to respect the air indicated by the manufacturer. Outside that delimited and confined area, the telepass may also not work and work badly.

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