Have you ever seen Ilary Blasi’s car? Other than Totti: she has the real big cars

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The break between Totti and Ilary hit everyone a bit. No one would have expected this ending for one of the timeless couples in the TV world. Yet the time for separation has come for them too.

Ilary car
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Between Totti and Ilary there are not only the children, the two must also share the Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Yes, because the former Roman couple has an incredible garage, it’s more like a fort. Large 170 square meters with smart, SUVs and various supercars inside.

The shocking announcement and the cars that separate Totti and Ilary

Immediately after the announcement that for many was a shock announcement, even if there was talk of an air of crisis for some time, the former spouses had to meet the lawyers to decide how to divide the assets.

It is not easy to determine what to take and what to leave, especially why this is not a small car but of cars of a certain value.

Often on Ilary’s Instagram profiles we have seen photos in which it is aboard Supercars and modern cars, with powerful engines. The showgirl, now also presenter, cannot do without her off-road vehicles, as well as the smart one which certainly will not be huge or very powerful but is the ideal car for traffic. What Rome needs to be able to move freely without being stuck for hours. For years, her ex-spouses have used it.

After Totti’s farewell to football, it was made one all for him, on the sides there is the number of his jersey, or 10.

Then starting in April 2022, it is also became the face of Volkswagen. Since then, the former captain has sponsored the electric range with his face. We also saw it aboard a Ferrari 599 GTO. The models of the Prancing Horse are not lacking in its precious garage. Not to exclude the Maserati Levante, the car he chooses to go to see Roma matches at the Olimpico. The Trident SUV does not stay more than a day in the garage. Certainly this is indispensable for him.


Mercedes could not miss it at all, here is the model chosen by Totti

Then follows the Mercedes AMG-GLE. But that’s not all because there is also room for the Ferrari 456 M GTA. This is an exclusive limited edition model, there are only those 631 specimens in the world. The car is equipped with a 442 hp V12 engine. While the maximum speed can reach 309 km / h

And then there is also the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, which instead mounts a V12, 540 hp capable of reaching 320 km / h. How will these amazing cars be divided? This, at least for now, is not known.

Ilary Blasi
Ilary Blasi – Motori.news

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