Mirror scam, the sneaky scam of thieves: you lose a lot of money

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Mirror scam, it is not the first time we hear or talk about it. It is a sneaky scam for motorists who naively find themselves paying large sums without actually doing anything.

Mirror scam
Mirror scam – Motori.News

That of the mirror it’s not the only scamthere are many other dangerous ones, which have to do with the virtual world, with social networks and with emails.

The most dangerous always remains the scam of the mirror and the sandpaper. At the expense of it are motorcyclists and motorists. The way in which the scammer enters into action is absurd, well thought out and always works.

What is the mirror scam

It is a fairly simple mode and at the same time deceptive and cruel because in general the preferred victims are the elderly, easier to fool. Usually the scammer he acts in company, he is rarely alone.

First he throws small stones or balls at the “target” machine. This generates a loud noise. The two cars stop and pull over, the driver is warned that he would have hit him rearview mirror damaging it.

Generally the driver, who obviously did not notice anything, asks to take a look at the damage, and here the scammers show the damaged mirror with sandpaper in order to be unassailable on any front.

At this point they ask for money, which in this case is called properly extortion. Money is asked in threatening and decisive tones, leaving no way out for the motorist who can do nothing but pay in cash, from 20 to 50 euros. This money should be used to pay for the damage to a mirror that is actually already broken.

Mirror scam – Motori.news

Advice on how to act to avoid the scam

The main advice that can be given is to avoid driving close to parked cars or cars that are moving too slowly, also staying away from cars parked in a double row. These are precisely the situations in which it is easier to be the protagonists of the mirror scam with sandpaper.

Should something like this happen, it is best not to ignore the scammers, because this way the situation could worsen with threats or insults. So the best thing to do is to respond to the request for money by declaring that you have no money, no cards, much less ATMs and that you have forgotten your wallet at home. Alternatively, the brigade can be called and the matter resolved together with them. Probably after this proposal they will run away.

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