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Fitting the right car tires in every season is an obligation that every motorist has. What are the risks of facing the winter with non-compliant tires? Here are all the details and what you need to know to be in compliance at the right time!

Winter tire change
Winter tire change – Motori.News

The difference between a winter and a summer tire is very obvious. Each season, therefore, will have to be tackled with the right tires. Winter tires have less noticeable and thicker knobs than summer tires. The reason? Having more grip and grip in snow, ice or wet road conditions!

If you do not intend to fit winter tires, you will still need to have snow chains inside the car – in the period between November 15th and April 15th. The law offers this possibility to those who usually travel a few kilometers a year!

Our advice, however, is to always fit the right tires for each season. In this way, your road safety and that of others will always be ensured! But what do you risk if you don’t mount winter tires and if you don’t comply with the law? Here’s what you need to know!

Change winter tires: here are the obligations to avoid incurring very high penalties!

But what does the law provide? You will absolutely have to comply with the tires no later than November 15, 2022, so as not to incur heavy penalties in the event of a roadblock. Therefore, it is essential to fit the suitable car tires to face the winter from 15 November to 15 April 2023!

In recent years, the start date of this winter ‘session’ has been extended by one month (previously it was set for 15 October). But from this last date until, in fact, November 15th, tires will have to be in good standing. The obligation, therefore, will be to mount winter tires or those four seasons. Circulating, on the other hand, with summer tires in the winter window will incur very heavy penalties!

Tire change
Change winter tires: here is everything you need to know to be in compliance – Motori.News

How much is the fine if you fail to comply

Usually, who should be stopped inside the urban centers without the right tires (or without snow chains on board), you risk a penalty ranging from 41 euros to 168 euros. Instead, those who drive without winter tires outside the city risks much tougher sanctions. They are understood between 84 euros and 355 euros!

But in some particular cases, as in the case of an accident caused by failure to adjust the tire change, the risk of suffering a very high penalty is just around the corner. Indeed, you risk having to pay a fine of 1734 euros, but not only! It can also be you the vehicle registration document has been withdrawn!

Road safety is essential. Getting into compliance with car tires is an obligation that all motorists engaged in daily on the roads have. And, in addition, it will be necessary to never wait for the last moment!

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