Autogrill, after 63 years everything changes: you will regret the old stops on the motorway

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At autogrill things are about to change radically, the usual service offered by the company will no longer be the same as it always was, to which we were used to.

Autogrill changes everything
Autogrill changes everything – Motori.News

What matters about a journey is not the destination, but how you experience the journey itself. After hours and hours of driving, not only the driver but also the passengers need a coffee break and a stop of at least 10 minutes to recover.

Staying stationary in the car while traveling is not nice, it is for the first few minutes, at most for half an hour or an hour and no longer, because then it becomes boring and at times stressful. Even just stopping to go to the bathroom or for a nice meal regenerates the body and mind.

Autogrill changes its clothes after 63 years

Autogrill since its foundationhas pursued only one goal, indeed a real mission, that is to rush to the rescue of motorists, pamper them during the journey, welcoming them in the best possible way by providing them with all the necessary services.

In the motorway restaurants, incredible discoveries are always made, many people meet, all of a different nature. In fact, the motorway restaurants they are frequented by both business travelers, that by those who travel for fun, by families, by boyfriends, by truck drivers. The nice thing is just that, meeting and getting to know each other as well as relaxing, resting and then being charged and ready to leave after a coffee and a croissant.

What will change after the agreement

However, after more than 63 years, something is changing: the Autogrills that have kept us company, they have refreshed us for a long time and encouraged us to leave after hours and hours of travel with a break of at least 10 minutes, they change clothes. The company has in fact decided to change direction following an agreement signed with Dufry.

The agreement provides for the creation of a group that will soon be known and present all over the world, designed for catering, dedicated to travelers. It will no longer be a service within anyone’s reach, there will probably be a change in prices and with them the quality of the service will also change. After the purchase of the shares by Edizione, the company will control 50% of the services, while Autogrill’s share will be between 20% and 25%.

Now the curiosity to know the changes is a lot, Unfortunately, however, at least for the moment, nothing else can be known, we must wait a little longer and therefore have patience. All this in the hope that Autogrill will continue to be the common point of reference for all.

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