Engine light, honk for 30 seconds and see what happens – you save a lot of money

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Engine warning light on or flashing, when it happens, we ask ourselves what the reason may be and how to solve the problem, especially when you are away from home and no one can reach us and run to our rescue.

Horn engine warning light
Horn engine warning light – Motori.News

The engine light on it is recognized by its shape as it resembles a tap, yellow or orange. In modern cars a message also appears on the display, in old cars only the icon.

Under normal conditions lights up for a few seconds and then it goes out. If it remains on, however, it can signal faults. Problems are usually related to the engine and ignition.

Engine warning light on, system anomalies

The engine warning light on indicates anomalies to the exhaust system or fuel system. A flashing light indicates problems with the catalyst, which can be minimal or important. The light on is not the only sign of a vehicle malfunction, it is also noted that the vehicle is unable to start as usual, that it goes out continuously or that while on the move it is difficult to proceed.

Then, there could be another reason, namely dirty fuel. Unfortunately, in this case realizing earlier, in order not to have problems, is not easy. Finally, it could also be a mistake made when refueling, that is, it happens when you put petrol in a diesel car. To avoid driving with the engine warning light on, you should immediately take the car to the workshop so that the problem can be solved by a professional immediately.

engine warning light on – Engines.news

How to solve the problem of the engine light on in a few minutes in a DIY key

However, if there is no garage available nearby and you have no one to ask for help, you can do it yourself. Therefore you can decide to disconnect the battery by clearing the car memoryfor example in this case the memory of the radio would be lost.

Or yes can hold down the horn 30 seconds, to discharge the remaining electricity or simply wait 15 minutes to restart. Finally you can disconnect and connect the battery again to reset the car memory. When the codes are cleared, the engine light goes out.

This is not to say that the problem has been definitively solved, only that the light has gone out for the moment. The problem generally persists and even if it does not present itself immediately, it does not mean that it will not happen some guide later. In short, the advice is to immediately contact an electrician to be sure of being able to face long trips or even short trips without fear.

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