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Scooters are the means most used by everyone for small and large trips, today they are the common means especially in large cities. They save large sums of money, especially today with expensive fuel.

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But soon something substantial will change in their use. With a decree of 18 August, It has been established that starting September 30, electric scooters will have brakes and lights.

The regulation of these vehicles is in the first place, because apparently the accidents between 2020 and 2021 have increased and this situation is becoming increasingly worrying.

What will the owners of the scooters have to do

THE owners of scooters already in circulation will have to adapt to the rules and start the changes by January 1, 2024. From when the decree comes into force, the application of the rules will be optional for a first period. All scooters will have to be equipped with indicator lights to signal the turn to the right or leftthe buzzer or the bell must be loud enough to be heard from 30 meters away.

Then there must be the white light, or the red one or the yellow one in front, the red reflectors must be illuminated as well as the yellow ones applied on the sides. Stop lights allowed, indeed required. By January it is essential that adequate modifications are applied to all yellow reflected light reflector devices on the sides of the scooter. And then, the front light must be installed at the maximum height of 1400 mm and no more.

Instead, what about turn indicators, these must be positioned both in front and behind, at a height between 150 mm and 1400 mm from the ground. We then move on to the brakes, which must be mounted on both wheels, a brake for each axle in order to act promptly and quickly on all wheels and stop in time.

The safety of vehicles that have always been underestimated

Even the little ones move around on the electric scooter, not always able to drive the vehicle. For this reason it is right that we have all the fundamental safety devices that allow a quick intervention able to avoid accidents which can sometimes even lead to serious consequences.

As already mentioned, between 2020 and 2021 there were really many road accidents and they also injured people. This is 2,101 in 2021 alone, in 2020 there were 564. The recorded increase was 270%. The victims were 9, a pedestrian was hit and someone also died. These means should not be underestimated in any way.

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