YouTuber Tests New iPhone Crash Detection Feature

Collision detection is one of the new features of the iPhone 14. If the phone detects a collision, it will make an emergency call after 20 seconds unless the person cancels it. If the occupants do not respond, there is an audio message for emergency services informing them of the incident and the latitude and longitude coordinates. YouTube channel TechRax test this system.

The team had a broken Mercury Grand Marquis as a test vehicle, and there were plenty of wrecked cars to crash into. The sedan has a rig using an electric skateboard so that the accelerator works remotely. The seat belt is around the steering wheel to keep the vehicle going straight.

The first attempt to test the system we see in this video failed for several reasons. They underestimated the strength of the Panther Grand Marquis’ body, and it hijacked the burning car as a barrier. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any brake control, so the sedan goes quite a distance before coming to a stop.

Next, they put some cars on the Mercury road. It’s not that hard to crash, but crashes are enough to enable the collision detection feature. As Apple said, the system does not start immediately. After a few seconds, the phone will start a countdown before calling emergency services. There is also a loud noise that will attract the attention of those closest to you.

Mercury only suffered minor damage in this crash, so the team prepared everything again. This time, the vehicle suffered a heavy impact and appeared to continue to accelerate briefly after making contact. The force is enough to make the airbag inflate. After a delay, the crash detection system started blaring.

If you’re curious about how the Grand Marquis did after this crash, it’s still running. This large body-on-frame sedan is renowned for its toughness.

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