Car insurance, the legal trick to pay half: unknown to many

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Car insurance requires an important expense to be faced twice a year or once only, based on the amount requested.

Car Insurance
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Not all Italians are able to bear such important expenses, especially today in times of crisis. So we go to the continuous search for ploys that allow you to save substantially.

The first trick is rely on the internet and little-known, perhaps nascent, insurance companies that make affordable offers. However, these are not always reliable. Alternatively, there are those who choose to drive around in an uninsured vehicle and accept the consequences, whatever they may be. For example, a police check or an accident can have important consequences.

Car insurance, the burden weighs on the family budget

The expense of insurance weighs heavily on the family budget, yet there are several methods that allow you to save and make a difference. The first is to move from one company to another, being new customers in fact, you can take advantage of not insignificant discounts. Especially if you have a good score and a high merit class.

The advice is to request quotes, even online, you just need a computer and an internet connection to do everything comfortably without even leaving home. The second advice is to request as few services as possible, because by adding assistance for theft, fire, roadside assistance, insurance against vandalism to the basic insurance, the figure increases a lot for socio-political events.

If you want to pay little, you have to keep only the truly essential services, because all the others are not needed and are also expensive. Among these services, the black box and GPS tracking that raise the price as you can not imagine. Eliminated all these extra services, car insurance reaches a figure within the limits which can be paid in installments.

The surefire trick to pay half the insurance

But the trick that allows you to really save a lot, concerns the merit class of one of the family members. This is a discount for those who have a driver in the family with an advantageous class of merit that is obtained after years of driving without accidents and various problems.

Who acquires his class of merit, pay the insurance the bare minimum. This trick is especially useful when you are very young and have no driving experience yet. Starting from the lower class, given the age and driving experience, car insurance costs a lot, in some cases it even exceeds 1000 euros. The figure by taking advantage of the family member’s merit class is practically halved.

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