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The MotoGP calendar could soon expand into a new country: Dorna Sport signs a memorandum of understanding.

Aragon Grand Prix (Ansa)
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Dorna is always looking for new territories where to land with the paddock, enrich the calendar of the World Championship, look for new outlet markets for manufacturers who have to sell their series products. Among the emerging markets there is certainly theIndonesiaone of the stops recently added along with the ThailandCountries where there is a large following of motorcycle racing and the demand for two-wheeled vehicles is growing sharply.

A drink could also be addedSaudi Arabia, who expressed a strong desire to be able to host the MotoGP show. But one of the largest markets in the world has also come forward: India. Dorna Sports has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Ministry of Sport and the negotiations seem to be well advanced. The Indian country could soon host a Grand Prix. Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta and sports director Carlos Ezpeleta confirmed the plans with local promoter FairStreet-Sports at a press conference in Delhi.

MotoGP will make a stop in India

A new country is about to welcome MotoGP, but we will have to wait before we have official confirmation. We recently saw what happened with Kymiring in Finland, where it should have been run in 2022, but in the end the stage was canceled due to lack of homologations. In India there is an already tested route and it is the Buddh International Circuitnear the capital, with a 5.12 kilometer track on which Formula 1 competed from 2011 to 2013.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna, stressed the importance of India’s entry into the MotoGP calendar. “India is the key to our plan to take MotoGP to new frontiers. Over the last decade, the MotoGP World Championship has grown stronger and stronger, thanks to a competitive grid and well-prepared regulations. We hope to get a bigger fan base in India with the Bharat Grand Prix“.

The MotoGP race will be officially called Bharat Grand Prix and could debut in the 2024 season. No provisional date was given at the press conference. The memorandum of understanding provides for the holding of seven races. Should the deal go as planned, two world championships will soon be held in India, as Formula E will stop in India for the first time in February and will race in Hyderabad.

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