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The car tax is one of the car taxes that all car owners hate, because it is considered an excessively high tax, useless because on means of transport you already pay too much, between insurance and maintenance.

Car tax
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Those who cannot pay the car tax avoid doing so, especially in this period of severe crisis when users do not even have the opportunity to shop.

Something must be given up, often this something is paying taxes. The first to be questioned is the car tax which, in the opinion of most people, should be abolished. Regarding the payment of the car tax, there are many doubts about the matter. For example, there are those who think it is a useless expensedoes not pay him at all and in the event of checks he is forced to provide the arrears as well.

Car tax exemption, payment error

There are also some cases in which this tax does not necessarily have to be paid because it is enjoyed of the exemption. The cost of the car tax is not the same for everyone, it is paid once a year and varies according to the region you belong to, the vehicle you own, the type of engine capacity and other small details.

In case of exemption, the car tax must never be paid, if you pay it by mistake, no fear it is not about lost money but about money that in some way can be repaid in record time.

It may happen, for example, that two members of the same family request the reimbursement of un car tax paid by mistake twice without knowing it. By submitting the refund request, it can only be received by providing proof of payment, or the paper documentation received. If you do not have a document capable of proving everything, you can check online through the ACI portal which taxes have been paid and which have not and, if necessary, print the payment receipt, the fee and the date.

self-refund stamp

Refund request car stamp

There are also particularly problematic cases, for example when the vehicle is sold with the stamp paid before the time, in this case it is necessary to prove the date of the transfer of ownership. prior to the expiry of the car tax. Same thing when the vehicle is scrapped.

In some Italian regions this is possible, in others it is not. You can make a request for reimbursement for example in Lombardy, Trento or Bolzano, Piedmont or Veneto. In Piedmont you can only get a partial refund, in the other regions in full.

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