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Many people wonder if the insurance should be paid the same even if the car is stationary. Let’s clarify this aspect. The risk of paying a hefty fine is very high! Here are all the details to know about it!

Car stops insurance
Car stops insurance – Motori.News

There Motor TPL policy it is an obligation that all motorists have. In fact, it is not possible to drive on the street without having valid insurance coverage. In fact, it allows you to cover – always within the maximum limits – damage to people, other machines or other things during the presence and circulation on the road. But what if the machine is unused? Will I still have to pay the insurance policy? Here are the various cases!

And in case of a stationary car? How should you regulate? The law provides that any car placed in a public space – even if not used – must be covered by an insurance policy! The reason? Other people who are acquainted with the owner of a car may drive the car after they get hold of the keys. And in the event of an accident, the owner of the car is always responsible!

But is there a way to not pay the insurance policy regarding a stationary car? How much is the fine if you get caught without insurance? Here are all the details!

Is the car always stopped? How to deal with the insurance? Here’s what you need to know!

Different people no longer use certain machines for different reasons. However, they have no intention of selling it or scrapping it. In this case, however, the insurance will still be paid. The reasons have just been stated. The car left in a public space is subject to always be in good standing with insurance. In case of parking in a garage or in a private space, however, the policy may not be paid (at least for the moment).

Car Insurance
Stationary and unused car? You will have to pay the RC car policy anyway! – Engines.News

But even here, the risk that someone we know will drive the car is high. The law allows you not to pay the policy in the event of a car parked in a garage or in a private and fenced area, but if someone were to drive it, the owner of the vehicle will always be called into question in the event of an accident.

But what is the risk of not insuring the car? What very high sanction can you receive? Fines range from 849 euros up to – even – 3,000 and 396 euros. In case of payment of the penalty within 15 days of notification, a significant discount will be made, equal to 50% of the amount due!

But things will change further by the end of 2023. Indeed, there is one European directive – that 2021/2018, published on 2 December 2021 – indicating a historical change. Indeed, it extends the insurance obligation also to cars stopped in garages or in private spaces. There will therefore be no case of exemption from the insurance obligation. All of this should happen by December 23, 2023according to the latest information.

Always remember, therefore, to insure your car even if it is used little or not at all! The risk of incurring heavy penalties and other problems is very high!

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