Nissan Issues Stop-Sale Order For Z Sports Car With Automatic Trans

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Nissan had to delay the launch of the Z sports car in the US due to supply chain issues, but the model finally went on sale this summer. Now, the Japanese automaker faces another hurdle as it has issued a halt in sales and delivery orders for the 2023 Z equipped with a nine-speed automatic gearbox. Problem? Potential rollaway issues.

The sports car is equipped with an automatic torque converter sourced from Jatco which is also used in the Frontier and Titan trucks. Several 2020-2022 examples of two pickup trucks have demonstrated defects that could lead to rollaway cases, forcing Nissan to announce two separate recalls. second memory, The report released this month also includes a Z sports car that has the same gearbox.

“Nissan commenced a quality hold on vehicles equipped with the MY2023 Nissan Z automatic transmission on August 29, 2022, while investigating this matter. The investigation is ongoing at this time,” a Nissan spokesperson told the online publication. It also includes a “discontinuation of sales for any AT model whether it’s on the showroom floor or at any other stage.”

This means that Nissan will not ship vehicles with automatic transmissions made at the Tochigi Plant in Japan to customers until the problem is fixed. Deliveries are currently on hold at all stages and there is no definite date when deliveries will resume. There doesn’t appear to be a solution to the problem currently available, which means the delay in shipping could be longer than expected.

Nissan reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association that the nine-speed transmission may suffer from loose tolerances in the manufacturing of its components. The risk of overturning comes from the parking pawls – the tiny tabs that hold the vehicle in place when left in the Parked position – which can get caught in other transmission components. If that happens, the pawl cannot move completely and prevent the car from rolling.

Nissan conducted a factory audit last month and found that 11 of the 83 trucks equipped with the Jatco transmission experienced the problem. Not yet known how many percent of Nissan Z vehicles that experience the same problem.

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