Hand out the window, if you get caught you run into trouble: the fine will ruin you

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All of us, when we are driving especially in summer, instinctively adopt a very frequent behavior. It happens because we seek refreshment, we need to feel the air on the skin: this attitude is also widespread for reasons of comfort.

Arm out the window
Arm out the window – Motori.News

Few are aware that this gesture while driving is dangerous and indirectly prohibited by the Highway Code. Be careful.

A very common gesture when driving violates the Highway Code

Who does not tend to leave the steering wheel with the left hand for rest your arm on the door with the window open raise your hand. It often happens in the city, when you drive at low speed due to traffic, especially when you wait for the green light to go off. This behavior becomes even more dangerous when the speed limit increases. Nobody thinks about the risks that are run, both for safety and for the administrative sanction envisaged.

There is no explicit prohibition in the Highway Code, but one can be identified implicit prohibition in the following articles of the CdS:

  • 140, co. 1: motorists must behave in such a way as not to constitute a danger or hindrance to traffic in order to safeguard road safety;
  • 141, co. 2: the driver is required to maintain control of his vehicle in order to perform maneuvers necessary for safety such as promptly stopping the vehicle in front of any foreseeable obstacle within the limits of his field of vision

Arm out the window to drive: you get a € 168 fine

Considering the articles 140 and 141 of the CdS, it is clear that the driver who rests his arm outside the window is unable to carry out timely emergency maneuvers. In case of danger or difficulty, you risk losing control of the vehicle.

Violating the provisions of the co. 2, is subject to administrative fine ranging from 41 to 168 euros.

Not only that: it must take into account the ‘freedom of movement’ provided for byart. 169 co. 1. To carry out the necessary maneuvers, the driver must maintain the greatest freedom of movement when driving.

We conclude with another provision referring toart. 173 co. 2 relating to the use of hands. To drive in complete safety, the driver must use hands-free devices or those with earphones, in short, that do not require the use of hands. It is best to keep them firmly on the steering wheel.

arm out window
arm out window error – Motorinews.it

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