Did you know that the speed limit is written on the tires? If you get over it, that’s your business

Car tires have a maximum speed, for which they have been approved by the manufacturers. The speed code indicates this, while the load index indicates the maximum weight that can be supported by a wheel without sacrificing safety.

Wheel code
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All car tires, both the four seasons and those in summer or in winter must comply with the measure indicated on the vehicle registration certificate.

This value indicates not only the size of the tire therefore the diameter, the width and the shoulder but also the load index and the speed code that the driver must not exceed to be in good standing. Few are aware of all this information, which is actually essential if you want to travel not only safely but also in good standing.

Car tire size and maximum cocktail

For example, if we consider the size 245/45 R 17 this refers to a tire with a 245 mm wide tread. The sidewall or section is about 45% of 225, which is 102 millimeters high. In this case, it must be mounted on a rim that is no more than 17 inches large. The “R” stands for the radial construction.

Then on car tires are indicated two numbers and one letterLet’s take for example a Renault Zoe 195/55 r16 91h tire. In this case the last number or 91 indicates the load while the h indicates the speed code, i.e. the maximum speed at which the car can travel.

In particular, the letter h corresponds to a maximum of 210 km per hour, while the y indicates the car tires that can reach 300 kilometers per hour in complete safety.

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What you need to know about car tires

It is important to know that tires of less than load indicated on the car registration document. On the other hand, a tire with a higher index can be fitted to the car.

When you buy a car you can also fit tires that have a speed index higher than that indicated. What matters is that the winter tires then m + s you get to a maximum of 160 kilometers per hour. Winter tires are good in the period between October 15th and May 15th

However it is important that it is on the dashboard a tag attached that you remember that the value is higher than the limits allowed on motorways, as well as higher than the speed indicated for the car.

On the other hand, as far as XL car tires are concerned, we are talking about reinforced tires, which meet all the most important requirements and which can exert more pressure. As a result, they have a greater range than conventional tires.

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