2023 Ford Maverick Order Book Is Closed Due To High Demand

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If you haven’t ordered the Ford Maverick 2023, you may be out of luck. The orders bank that reopened last Thursday has closed again. The automaker tells Motor1.com that it notifies dealers that they must stop taking Maverick Hybrid orders by the end of today. Those who want an EcoBoost pickup have until the end of tomorrow before the order book closes.

Ford initially closed its pickup truck orders in January this year due to high demand. The months in between didn’t lessen it, with Ford forced to shut it down in less than a week. The truck remains a popular Ford vehicle, with 48,648 sold through August, bringing many new customers to the brand.

More than 60 percent of Maverick buyers are new to the automaker, while more than 80 percent have never owned a truck. Even the Maverick Hybrid is attracting customers, with nearly 70 percent of buyers new to Ford. The truck is a fast seller, turning almost as fast as the Bronco.

Ford had a lot of interest in the small, affordable pickup even before sales started, taking 100,000 orders through September 2021. Those who haven’t ordered the Maverick with the company by the deadline will have a hard time finding it in showrooms. Dealers will have limited stock available for purchase, with automakers focusing on building customer orders.

The Ford Maverick is one of the automaker’s newest vehicles, placed below the Ranger in the lineup. The truck is making waves for its standard hybrid powertrain and low starting price, making it a good vehicle for younger, more adventurous drivers. Maverick 2022 starts at $2,490 (price includes $1,495) destination fee.

Ford also recently expanded its Maverick lineup with a new Tremor trim, revealing a pickup for the 2023 model year on August 1. The Maverick Tremor is visually different from the others in its lineup, receiving a new grille and a black Ford badge. The automaker also revised the suspension setup, installing new shocks and springs on both axles, giving the truck a more rugged appearance that customers will love.

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