Rearview mirror, this lever has a hidden function – you won’t believe it

We all have at least one car per family, because today no one has the time or the desire to travel on foot or to depend on public transport, where they are and where they work constantly. Yet although we use the car daily, not everyone has noticed that behind the rearview mirror, there is a lever.

Very important lever
Very important lever – Motori.News

The car is made up of small parts that are hardly noticeable if you don’t have a keen eye. Not all the components are indicated in the booklet, so some things are discovered only with time and continued use.

Today many would like to know what it is for the rearview mirror lever, which few use as they should. For example, there are those who hang from the mirror or the lever itself, the car perfumer, who the jewels and who even the masks above all in times of pandemic. In fact, it should be known that the habit of hanging jewelry on the mirror lever can also be dangerous or harmful to oneself and other drivers.

The mirror lever if used incorrectly can also cause accidents

Due to the sun, jewelry hanging from the rearview mirror lever could dazzle cars and cause accidents. Then there is a small part of motorists who use it correctly and know that this is very important because increases the level of safety on cars.

The mirror lever, gives the opportunity to have excellent visibility both side and rear of the vehicle. The rear view mirrors have a mirror, then a holder that goes to support the lens and the arm that holds everything. Finally, there is a lever that you can see very well if you pay attention and that is positioned right behind the mirror.

This allows you to place the mirror up or down, then fix it as you see fit and how it can really come in handy. The mirror lever has a fundamental role both day and night, because by managing the direction, the driver protects himself from the lights of other cars.

Day and night the lever gives full visibility to the driver

When driving at night there is often the risk of being blinded by the lights of other cars, even losing control of the vehicle. In this case, that’s enough push or pull the mirror lever and the problem is solved.

To do this correctly, simply rotate the lever to the position that can best help you. Once you have discovered this trick, many drivers will probably no longer be able to do without it because it makes driving much easier in different situations.

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