they take a lot of money away from you

If someone invites you to pull over while you’re driving, never trust them blindly. His intentions may be completely opposite to what you think. What are we referring to? The trick of smoking put in place by the bad guys could cost you very dearly! What do you need to watch out for? Here’s what you need to know!

Hood smoke scam
Smoke trick: beware of scam – Motori.News

Trusting is good, but not trusting is better. There is a famous proverb that goes like this. This phrase fits perfectly with the type of information we are reserving for you below. Indeed, several people have happened to have been scammed while driving their vehicle. The circumstances can be the most varied. In this article we will highlight a specific trick implemented by some bad guys to steal money from some ‘naive’ drivers! What is it about?

Kindness is an increasingly rare attitude to see. When someone stops to help a person in difficulty, therefore, it is always pointed out as a noble and good-hearted gesture. But some unscrupulous people take advantage of this approach to hatch absolutely opposite plans to those apparently expressed!

Several users have understood that they have been tricked with a trick that involves the exit of smoke from the hood of their car. What’s it about? Here’s what you need to pay attention to in order not to suffer the scam!

Hood Smoke Trick: What Should You Know?

If you are warned and stopped by someone while driving about any damage or breakdown to your car, then never trust them blindly. Don’t panic and carefully evaluate the situation. But what are we talking about? Here is the scam put in place by some unscrupulous people!

Hood smoke scam
The hood smoke scam: how to defend yourself and what to know – Motori.News

“White smoke from under the hood of your car”. This could be the alarm raised by those who pretend to be a good-hearted helper! He may pull you over and later open the hood to make you think he is fixing the fault. But watch out! It could pour oil under the engine, in such a way as to make a noticeable smoke come out every time you accelerate from a standstill. You will believe the damage and allow the stranger to get your car ‘repaired’.

He’ll pretend to fix the fault, but in reality everything was already in order before! At the end of the job you could thank him with some money. And here is that the scam It is complete!

smoke trick
smoke trick – Motori.News

So what to do in an unpredictable situation like this? You always have to keep your nerve and figure out if there has actually been an engine failure. Usually, such a serious problem is signaled by the warning lights on your dashboard or by other abnormal noises and vibrations. The fact that everything is fine should already alarm you and doubt the actual goodness of the stranger.

In short, never blindly trust someone who pretends to be a good Samaritan. Thank you and continue. If you are not sure you can always go to the workshop or your trusted mechanic immediately! As we said at the beginning, therefore, trusting is good, but not trusting is better!

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