If you find this sheet in the car, be careful, it is a clear message: you are in danger

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The in-car envelope method is one of the most used to make money. In fact, this allows you to deceive motorists and steal a lot of money from them simply by cheating them, making fun of them without getting your hands too dirty.

Bag on the seat
Seat bag – Motori.News

The scams of qhis kind work because at first glance they don’t give the feeling of something dangerous to stay away from. Especially today, in times of crisis, people do not know how to earn and launch themselves into any adventure.

These are scams studied at the table. The passenger seat envelope method works like this: the expert scammer manages to open the door without damaging it, but above all without getting noticed. Then, he puts a white or yellow envelope on the seat and waits for the scammed person to arrive. When the owner of the vehicle gets into the car, he finds the dispossessed envelope next to him and opens it.

The envelope placed on the seat hides a risk

Inside the envelope is a message in which the scammers write that the envelope lying on the seat proves the alarm does not work and that there is a method to solve the problem in no time. To know this remedy, however, you have to pay. If you fall into the trap you pay without obviously receiving anything and everything ends there.

The only thing to do is to lock yourself inside the machine, not to touch the envelope, to open it only near the Police or Carabinieri station, finally file a complaint. All this once happened only or mostly in big cities, lately it also happens in small towns.

Yup advises against opening the envelope and read the content directly at the meeting place because scammers generally stop right there and wait for a positive response from the person to be scammed.


Another method coveted by scammers

This it’s not the only method scammers have found to make money, there is a second and even a third, which allows you to achieve the same satisfactory result without risk.

The second method involves a plastic bottle, wedged on the front wheel of the car, on the passenger side. This serves to make noise as soon as the machine starts and moves for a few meters. The driver automatically stops, gets out with the engine running and checks what happened. The victim suddenly finds himself without money and without a car because the scam steals everything together in a fraction of a second.

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