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Tire bonus 200 euros. The energy decree recently passed to Parliament, established not only the cut in excise duties on petrol, diesel, LPG and fuels in general but also a more than important bonus for the purchase of tires.

Tire bonus
Tire bonus – Motori.News

Government decisions were judged inevitablebecause the Italian population needs help and support, to face the economic crisis that has gripped us for months now.

Anyone, even families who were economically well, found themselves in great difficulty because of the pandemic and then secondly also because of the Russia-Ukraine war which made everything much more difficult.

The consequence has in fact been the increase in prices in any sector, especially in the automotive sector. The first demonstration concerns the expensive gasoline. In fact, many today choose not to travel by car for short or long journeys, preferring to use public transport also renouncing independence in order to save fuel.

The measures of M5S, Lega and Forza Italia

Speaking of all, they have been Forza Italia, the 5-star Movement and the League to sign a new amendment that has to do with the € 200 tire bonus.

It is clear that the common will is to set up a fund of at least 20 million euros to help all motorists tackle one important expense from all points of view. We are talking about the purchase of class A tires and class B tires.

Tire bonus – Motori.news

How to access the tire bonus

The methods of accessing the bonus are very simple, within everyone’s reach. After purchasing four tires of one of the two classes from an authorized tire dealer, the refund can be obtained by maximum 3 months having at your disposal the receipt ready to demonstrate the expense incurred.

The proposal is valid only for tires belonging to the C1 class and for all vehicles in the M1 category. Thanks to this government intervention, all motorists will be able to buy low rolling resistance tires to save fuel as well as to travel safely. The energy class is generally indicated on the label, thanks to the all tires bonus they will be able to pass from class E to class A reducing fuel consumption by 7% and reducing the braking distance by 30%.

What follows are many benefits not only at an economic level but also at an environmental level because class A tires or class B tires on the one hand save at least 5.2 billion euros and on the other reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7 million tons the year.

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