Window open, the trick to save a lot of money when you get gas: brilliant

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Are you looking for safe ways to save as much gasoline as possible? In this article we will let you find out what to do and how to best use your car window. Misuse of it can make you consume a lot more fuel than expected! Here’s everything you need to know to save money!

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Gasoline and the cost of fuel in general has experienced a very noticeable increase in recent months. The outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine and the resulting international tension has caused prices to soar in many sectors. The Italian government has limited the outlay of citizens, thanks to some extensions on the cut in excise duties, but the situation is on the verge of sustainability for many! How can you limit your petrol consumption as much as possible? Here are some little tips!

In addition to being very attentive to driving style, it will be possible to refuel at petrol stations with more affordable prices compared to the other. But these are not the only methods that allow you to consume less fuel.

In fact, even a correct use of the window can limit the outlay of money. What is there to know? Here is all the information!

Correct use of the window: you can save a lot of fuel!

Especially on hot summer days, using properly air conditioning, windows and other accessories can make you consume less fuel than you think. In fact, if you have to travel a few kilometers for your travel, there is an absolutely valid, practical and economical method. What are we referring to? Here are all the details!

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Here’s how to properly use the window to save gas – Motori.News

Our bad habits can be very costly. Turning on the air conditioning inappropriately can be counterproductive – not only for your health – but also for your wallet! If you have to travel a few kilometers, in fact, it will be enough to turn off the air conditioning and activate the fan to circulate the air inside your car.

At low speeds, in addition to turning on the fan, we recommend that you lower the window. A double circulation of air that will allow you to feel better. You will have slightly less comfort than using air conditioning, but this double combined move will allow you to save about 10% of fuel compared to previous habits!

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The window trick to consume less petrol – Motori.News

When not to roll down the window instead? Several studies have shown how traveling with the windows down at high speeds consumes a lot of fuel compared to the norm! Above 80 km / h, therefore, the windows must be strictly rolled up! At that point – if the fan is not enough – it will be necessary to use the air conditioning to fight the heat!

Various tests have shown that taking a long journey with the windows down can cost up to 35 euros more fuel! Ultimately, a lot will depend on the type of trip you have to face. For a simple city travel at low speeds, the advice we give is to turn off the air and lower the window. For a multi-hour journey at high speeds, on the other hand, lowering the window is the most wrong move there can be!