If you see this thing on your car don’t touch it and run for help

Before getting into the car, especially when you leave it parked in unsavory areas, it is good to take a general look to see if there is something out of place or if the car is as it was when it was left.

device on the car
device on the auto- Motori.News

From 2018 to date 105,000 cars have been stolen, it is not even known how or what happened to them because almost none have been tracked down. In fact, less than 40% of these have been found.

This is because they are then disassembled into pieces and are sold as spare parts. It may happen that you have parked the car under the house and not find it again after only a few minutes, a few hours or even during the night.

Obviously it is not pleasant, but it is an even more bitter surprise when the loan installments are still being paid. Probably with a GPS Tracker it would be very easy to find the car a few seconds later. Without the tracker it’s impossible, so the only thing left to do is lose hope.

The new foolproof method of scammers ready to steal the car without getting their hands dirty

Today, scammers have found a very effective and efficient method that allows them to steal car without anyone noticing. When they see a particularly interesting car they pose they do so to attack below or to the side, as long as it is a hardly visible pointa GPS locator, in such a way as to discover what all the movements of the vehicle are.

Thanks to the locator you can recognize the exact moment to act and steal the car, without anyone noticing anything, there being no strange movements. Scams are behind the door nowadays, so you always have to pay close attention to the little things.


Another valid trick

The crooks experts and modern to face the crisis, they have found methods that work, which are 100% valid. For example, they put envelopes inside the machine, and they don’t know how to open the door without damaging it. When the owner returns, he reads the envelope and is forced to give them all the money they ask for.

Another trick follows: putting a plastic bottle between the wheel and the skeleton of the car, so does the user starts the engine of the car, notices the noise and is forced to stop to check what happens. At that point, the scammer gets into the car and finding the keys already inserted among other things, he goes away, making him lose track. In these cases, the first thing to do is to go away, without slowing down, trying to quickly reach the Carabinieri or the Police and file a complaint, even if to unknown persons.

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