Driving license, goodbye forever exams: you can only take it like this

Driving license, even in this field things are changing. In fact, with the B license, you can now drive any vehicle. A revolution is underway which according to many has also arrived late considering the economic crisis that any Italian family has been forced to face and endure for several months now.

Driver's license
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Everything has increased, getting a driver’s license has become a investment fruit of sacrifice of families and families. Today anyone prefers to have a car license rather than a motorcycle license. Yet, being faced with a choice any person, he would very gladly ride a motorcycle rather than just any car.

This especially in summer, because the bike gives a sense of freedom that you can hardly try on a car, whatever it is.

What’s true in the news releases in August

This news dates back to August, but the confirmation arrived in these hours. From now on, those who want to take the A license, or that of motorcycles, will not have to take the practical exam, but only the theoretical one.

This is what was established by the infrastructure decree to try to reduce user expenses and also speed up the procedures for issuing the license or the certificate of professional competence. In this way it will be possible to obtain the driving license A and the driving license A2, without necessarily having to face the final exam, as it has always been in previous years.

Driving license -motori.news

What changes for motorcyclists who already have a B license

Obviously all this changes only for motorcyclists already licensed who will simply have to take a course of a maximum of 7 hourswithout having to prove driving skills to anyone, thus passing the practical test with flying colors without ever having taken it.

As absurd as it may seem Confarca in the light of what we have reported, says that the price is high and will increase even more, neither improving nor simplifying the procedures. Indeed, quite the opposite.

As for the obligation to take seven hours of driving school exam to obtain the A driving license, if you already have a B driving license, however, it would only be a waste of time as well as money because if you already have a driving license, theory hours are excessive and disadvantageous.

To then conclude that between the car and the motorcycle there is a big difference, for this very reason, the practical exam could be useful both to the examiner to understand if the subject is able to drive a motorcycle, and to the New motorcyclist who could instead seize the opportunity to learn e respect the new rules.

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