It happened again in Aragon, isn’t that a little too much?

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Fear in MotoGP, but it’s not just about accidents. Look what happened (again) to Fabio Quartararo’s suit!

Incredible in MotoGP, look at Quartararo’s suit! – MotoriNews

The battle for the World Cup MotoGP it is more alive than ever, three drivers enclosed in 17 points with still 5 rounds to go. However, this is also due to the unexpected zero of Fabio Quartararo in Aragon, the first of two frightening accidents, fortunately without serious consequences. But there is something else that makes you tremble a little more: the Yamaha rider in fact got some strange bruises on his chest. An area in theory well protected from suit, therefore impossible to touch. The reality, on the other hand, is quite different: Quartararo’s suit was in fact totally open! And it is not even the first time this has happened, nor the only driver to star in an episode of this kind …

MotoGP 2021, the first time

Let’s go back to last year’s Catalunya Grand Prix to witness a moment that hasincredible. During the race, Fabio Quartararo suddenly finds himself fighting with himself. What’s the problem? The pictures show it clearly, the suit itself is suddenly open running! The then MotoGP world champion cannot do anything, stopping would mean putting one on the scoresheet zero too heavy for the championship. He is therefore forced to continue with the chest in the air, somehow trying to get to the end of a crazy race. Perhaps the most absurd thing is that Quartararo will also be sanctioned with the relegation three positions on the final standings! Not bad for the championship given the margin over rivals, but it was like saying that it was his fault. Unfortunately, however, it will not remain an isolated case, just get closer in time, precisely to the current MotoGP season to see other ugly and dangerous replicas.

It also happened to Aleix Espargaro! – MotoriNews

Espargaro and Martin too

Let’s go in chronological order, we stop at Silverstone for the British GP. In fact, during free practice Aleix Espargaro was the protagonist of a violent accident, fortunately without serious consequences. But it could have happened, in the image above you can see why. Also in his case the suit is dangerously open! The penultimate episode then dates back to the GP in Austria, we have to look at Jorge Martin. Notice anything strange in this photo below?

Jorge Martin, such a MotoGP race! – MotoriNews

The answer is more than obvious: even his suit suddenly opened during the race! Finally we come to Fabio Quartararo and the image clearly visible on the cover. But what happens in MotoGP? Isn’t this happening too often, putting the riders at even more risk? Unfortunately, however, everything is silent …

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