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There are many new things coming that have to do with speed cameras. We are talking about the Speed ​​camera lottery project, which aims to encourage users to respect the speed limits imposed on all roads.

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How? With a prize. This project was presented by Kevin Richardson during the “The Fun Theory” Awards 2010 and was immediately successful.

The project was so well received that it was put in place in Sweden by the Swedish National Society for Road Safety.

This is how The Fun Theory’s speed camera project worked

Kevin Richardson had presented an interesting and curious project that worked like this: all the vehicles that were photographed they traveled some established roads, maintaining a lower speed than the expected limit. These were then included in a lottery “financed” by all those motorists who did not respect the highway code and therefore the speed limit.

The system it was very simple and absolutely effective. In fact, in just three days the speed of motorists had reduced by 22% out of a total of 24,857 cameras photographed. An incredible result never achieved otherwise.

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The techniques that allowed the achievement of the result

The main technique that made it possible to achieve this was the monetary reward because all motorists were forced to slow down to try to earn money by participating in a practically free lottery.

Part of the strategy focused on the unpredictability of the lottery, because the winners were all drawn at random directly from the system. This made it all very inspiring, interesting and encouraging. Then of course integral part it was personal satisfaction because a car at the right speed was signaled by a display on the road, with a green thumb pointing upwards or a red thumb facing down if not.

Those who were low speed received positive feedback, which gratified motorists. It may seem trivial, but it wasn’t at all and it worked for that too. Motorists were incentivize to maintain the right speed aalso because there were people close to the panel who could see who respected the limit and who did not. Even if the “spectators” were gods unknownit was nice for each of them to appear right.

We can say with extreme certainty that Speed ​​Camera Lottery was one of the most famous and valid projects in the world. Among the few that, if applied to the automotive world, have given the possibility of achieving excellent results. Thanks to this speed camera project in fact it was possible to change the behavior of all those who were inclined to do what they wanted.

Obviously what prompted motorists to change their driving behavior was the possibility of win the lottery and of earn money.

The winners of the lottery were drawn from the system and the unpredictability of this game made the participants even more stimulated to participate.

We can certainly say that it was an intelligent initiative that allowed us to maintain a correct trend and prevent many road accidents.

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